Tour Activities

Planting & Harvesting Rice


All our homestays are located in farming villages and there is a great deal of farming activities that you can learn about and participate in. Rice planting and harvesting is one major activity that is very important in the life of most villages and a fun activity to join as a tourist. The rice-terraced fields are filled with water in May and June and the rice crops planted. Harvesting season is in September and October. At that time the rice is ripe and the rice fields appear in beautiful yellow colours in the autumn sunshine. The water is removed from the fields and the rice crops are cut with simple hand tools like sickles or hand-held knives. After cutting the grains need to be separated from the straw in a process called threshing. The cut rice crops are flailed manually on the fields and the rice corns collected and bagged. Helping local farmers with rice harvesting and being outside in fresh air and beautiful rice terraced fields is a very special experience and a memory that will stay with you for life.

Where can do it?

  • Suoi Thau Village
  • Tan Phong Village
  • Nam Son Village
  • Thong Nuyen Village

When can do it?

  •  May