Rice Field Terrace


he rice field terraces of Hoang Su Phi make on of most stunning landscapes in Vietnam. The rice fields are particularly beautiful in September to October when the fields shine golden. The rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi are designated as national heritage site by the vietnamese government.
Rice seedlings are planted in June, the season with heaviest rainfall. During this time the rice terraces look like a water colour painting and you can see local farmers working in the fields. Men first till the fields and then women clean and plant the rice seedlings. It takes about a week of work until the terraced fields are covered by green rice seedlings. Children follow their mothers to the fields and take part in the farming work. In this way the knowledge of rice farming can be handed down to the next generations. Harvesting gets underway in September to October when the rice terraces shine golden in the sunlight. Due to the cool climate in Hoang Su Phi and some other mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam there is only one rice harvest per year. This is different to Southern Vietnam where rice can be farmed all year round.