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The forging of knives and agricultural tools has been the craft of the Nung ethnic people in Phuc Sen Commune, Quang Uyen district in the mountains of Cao Bang for hundreds of years. The village is home to around 2000 Nung people and many of them make a living from the blacksmith craft more than from farming. Their handcrafted blacksmith products are famous in the region and neighbouring provinces for their durability and sharpness. Learning to forge is a rite of passage for young men in the village. Local tradition says that a local man who has not learnt the art of forging by the time he reaches the age for marriage is not considered a man. The forging craft requires all senses and particularly good hearing and eyesight since the colour and sound of the metal determine the sharpness of the tool. One of the best materials for making products are suspension bars salvaged from motor cars. If you visit Pac Rang community-based tourism village you will be able to see blacksmiths at work. If you want you can later buy a knife or other tool in the many shops that line the street at Pac Rang village.

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