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Paper Making


Paper making uses techniques created by Nung ancestors, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Nung ancestors started making and selling paper to compliment their agricultural activities, as a regular lack of water made making a living from farming alone very difficult.
The paper making technique uses bark from the mạy sla tree that is found in the local forest, and which is now being planted nearer to their homes to save time having to collect the materials. After multiple processes have been applied to the bark a form of white textured paper is produced, which can be kept for decades.
This paper is often used for spiritual purposes (to burn on the first and middle day of the month, to use in funerals and for Nung’s tradition Tet celebrations), education purposes (to write traditions vows, Han texts, to draw on) and to use as cover for cakes, traditional snacks. In our community-based tourism villages, you will have a chance to observe the process of making paper, and make your own paper under the instruction of skilled village paper makers. Before you leave be sure to buy some of the paper to take home with you – it is a great souvenir and helps the local people.

Where can do it?

  • Lung Ri

When can do it?

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